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Born in south St. Louis on August 3rd, 1994, Demetrius Darnell Stapleton Jr. has been a staple, pun intended, in the underground music scene of St. Louis for several years. Coming from a musical family enabled him to appreciate and learn music in an organic way long before he began making his own. His mother, an established gospel artist, inspired his talents and cultivated his work ethic for creating music. He was raised in an environment of polarizing influences which allows him to write about many topics. While his music wouldn’t be traditionally considered inspirational in the sense of the church his mother comes from, the street life he has seen and experienced affords him the perspective to inspire his peers. He is able to walk the line of melodic/sing song raps to full on aggressive rhymes.

Stape’s first release didn’t come until after high school, Only The Strong Survive (2015). He has averaged at least one release a year since. Most notably 2017’s Innovation and 2018’s Streets Motivation. He is able to speak the language of the streets and connect with his audience in a way few have been able to. His record company, 10N Entertainment, is a testament to he and his crew’s approach to life and music. Ten toes in the dirt working towards elevation through innovation. Moving into the new decade, Stape is more focused than ever on rising beyond the regional success he has achieved. He’s preparing to release a steady dosage of music for his core fans and any new ones that may come. 

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