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South St. Louis is a melting pot of cultures and sounds.  It's full of influences from all over the world. The people are from the struggle and many are still in it.  Yung Dark is a reflection of the southside.  He's humble and charismatic, but real and genuine.  


Dark started rapping as a young kid.  He raps about life in the streets.  His story is proven.  Much of his progression was hindered by street life and the consequences of living it.  Stints in and out of the corrections system have shaped Dark's perspective and matured him.


His music depicts stories of street life good and bad through his Midwest melodic patterns.  He follows in the footsteps of telling stories of his life through melody & rhyme like his Midwest predecessors (BTNH, St. Lunatics, Do Or Die, etc.).  


Yung Dark has finally gotten his life and music on the same accord and is focused on building his career and becoming great.  He's going out like he came, REAL.  

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